Cooling units for photographic and offset field

The GS units have been studied to maintain constant the development liquids’ temperature
The model GS10 R, thanks to a coaxial exchanger, allows the direct thermal exchange with the liquid to cool. Moreover this model is provided with heater.


  • Suitable for chemically aggressive liquids.
  • Anti-corrosion fairing.Easy and rapid installation.
  • Can be installed either inside or outside of the developer.
  • High efficiency with reduced consumptions.
  • Reliable and safe.
  • Conforms to CE regulations.
Technical Details
Supply - 230V-50Hz (available also 115V-60Hz and others on request)
Cooling Power Consumption - 300 w
Heating Power Consumption - 800 w
Ecological Gas - R134a
Min. Flow Rate - 400 lt / h
Dimensions - 38,3 x 27,8 x 34 (h) cm
Weight - 18 kg
Connections - 16 mm