• These units make it possible to install the motorised condensing unit outside the work area. They are particularly suitable for reducing energy consumption rates
  • Climatic class 5 (in conformity with EN 16825)
  • Patented
  • Available in a high efficiency version, thanks to the use of motorised fans and low-consumption compressors
Technical Details
Supply - 230V-50Hz
Compressor Cooling Capacity - 600 W (Evaporating temp. -8°C, Condensation temp. +55°C)
Power Consumption - 470 W (Evaporating temp. -8°C, Condensation temp. +55°C)
Ecological Gas - R134a
Dimensions - 500 x 350 x 300(h) mm
Operating Temperature - -2°/+10°C
Weight - 19 Kg