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Aquarium Chiller

Efficient Cooling Technology

• high efficiency patented titanium exchanger.
• increases cooling efficiency and provides considerable energy savings thanks to the length of the titanium 30% higher than standard.
• ecological units.

Easy In-line Installation

• requires no hard plumbing.
• inlet/outlet connections for 1” diameter tubing.

Digital Thermostat

• easy-to-use digital temperature control system.
• maintains the desired set temperature within 1°C.
• temperature’s range 0° - 35°C.
• °C or °F displayed temperature.
• security alarms.

Efficient Design

• corrosion-resistant structural parts for a safe use with salt water.
• professional units for industrial application.

User Friendly Features

• heater inside.
• UV-C lamp inside.
• removable air filter for fast maintenance.
• obstructed air filter alarm.

Technical Details
Supply - 230V-50Hz (others supplies available on quantity)
Cooling Power Consumption - 710 w
Heating Power Consumption - 1200 w
Ecological Gas - R407c
Min. Flow Rate - 3000 lt / h
Tank Size - up to 3000 lt
(water temp. 25°C - Room temp. 30°C - Heating load 0,3 w / lt)
Dimenions - 38,5 x 60 x 56 (h) cm
Weight - 42 kg
Connections - 1"
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