High technology, low consumption, high quality materials, efficiency over the standard, safety

These are only some of the features of well world wide known TECO products.
The experience of many years of researches focused on the refrigeration field has allowed the creation of new generation cooling units with high performances but also with considerable energy savings for environment protection.

Compact and easy to use TECO chillers are suitable for may application fields, such as:

  • Aquariology and Aquaculture: a wide range of cooling units for a filed that is constantly growing and needs a reliable instruments to achieve the natural water temperature and preserve in this way the life of the aquarium.
    To improve the line have been recently introduced accessories studied with the aim to simplify the management of the aquarium as well as a complete line of supplements for marine aquariums.
  • Commercial and Catering: an high demanding field with specific necessities and extreme work conditions where the technical service must be really fast. To satisfy all these inquires TECO has created an innovative solution, a plug-in unit that allows a quick installation and therefore a quick technical service.
  • Offset: this line, that can be customized according to the customer needs, as been specially studied for the difficult applications of this field due to the use of high corrosive liquids.
  • Householders and Promotionals: simple but intelligent technology products that are really appreciated by restaurants, bars and are frequently used like promotionals items from big hotel chains, etc.

TECO constantly research new solutions to let its products be unique, efficient,high quality and environment friendly as always